Chicken & Spinach Malaikari - Tulua

Chicken & Spinach Malaikari

Serves 4

- 350g boneless chicken
- 1 packet Tulua Malaikari
- 1 bunch spinach
- 100ml coconut milk
- Mustard oil (or vegetable oil)
- Salt & pepper
- 1 tbs turmeric

1. Marinate 350g chicken with salt, pepper & turmeric for 20mins. Grill till 80% cooked. (Suggested oil: mustard oil)

2. In a pot add some oil(mustard if you have) and sauté 250g/1 bunch spinach strips.

3. Reduce the heat and add Malaikari paste & 100ml coconut milk. Mix well

4. Add the grilled chicken and simmer on low heat till cooked.

5. Serve with rice or parathas.

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