Mushroom Ghee Roast Bruschetta

Mushroom Ghee Roast Bruschetta

Mar 10, 2022Richy Dave

- 500g mushrooms
- Butter
- Bruschetta bread
- Tulua Ghee Roast paste
- Curry leaves


1. Slice 500g/1 packet button mushrooms

2. In a pan add 2knobs of butter, add sliced mushrooms and cook till half done. Remove and set aside.

3. Whisk ghee roast with paste with 2tbs dahi & ½ cup water (ensure there are no lumps). Add to the same pan as mushrooms.

4. Add butter, 1 sprig of curry leaves and mix well. Add half cooked mushrooms and simmer for 5mins till cooked.

5. Serve on toasted bruschetta.

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