Malaikari noodle bowl recipe

Malaikari noodle bowl

Mar 11, 2022Richy Dave

Makes 3 bowls

- 180g noodles of your choice (cooked)
- 50ml coconut milk
- 3 soft boiled eggs
- Enoki mushrooms
- 1 large eggplant
- Pak choy
- 1 packet of Tulua's Malaikari


1. Prep your veggies:
- Sauté mushrooms till soft
- Blanch pak choy
- Grill eggplant

2. To make the broth, add paste, 50ml coconut milk and 150ml water to a pan, bring it to a simmer.

3. Assemble the bowl - Add cooked noodles, half boiled eggs, grilled eggplant, enoki mushrooms, pak choy, top it with malaikari broth.

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