Pan Fried Vindaloo Prawns

Pan Fried Vindaloo Prawns

Mar 11, 2022Richy Dave
This recipe serves 3. Double the quantities if you'd like to serve 6-7.

- 500g prawns (cleaned & deveined)
- 1 packet Tulua paste
- 3 Sprigs Curry Leaf
- Vegetable Oil
- Lime Wedges

1) Marinate the prawns in Vindaloo paste for 10min

2) Heat generous amount of oil in a pan. Gently add the prawns once the oil is hot.
Do not overcrowd the pan.

3) Add curry leaves and keep cooking till a nice golden crust has formed.
Flip the prawns and cook till done.

4) Season with salt (if needed)

5) Serve with wedges of lime.

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